Have a dog portrait drawn

by the artist Lisa Albrecht

Lisa Albrecht at work

A unique dog portrait for eternity

Feel the passion of craftsmanship on a sheet of paper when looking at your drawn dog portrait. Whether you are looking for a special gift for a dog lover or want your beloved four-legged friend to have an unforgettable keepsake: Lisa Albrecht draws dog portraits with a filigree and detail-loving technique. It is particularly important to the artist to capture the unique personality and character of your dog. Each drawing represents a story of a deep connection between dog and human.

The individual dog portraits impress with their photo-realistic representation. The drawing work is characterised by precision work. Using pencil and pastels, Lisa Albrecht draws vivid dog portraits on high-quality paper with a fine structure and a warm white tone. Each work of art requires a lot of time and patience to authentically reflect the dog's personality and to depict every feature, no matter how small, with the utmost accuracy.

The results are unique dog portraits that invite you to linger and touch the viewer emotionally.

Zeichnung: Irish Setter

The perfect picture for every occasion

A drawn dog portrait is a wonderful gift for a personal moment in life. But even after the loss of your beloved dog, a drawing is a special keepsake. If you are looking for a gift for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, a dog portrait provides positive emotions. Whether there is an occasion or not, a dog portrait is a beautiful decoration for one's home. Lisa Albrecht's artwork adds an individual touch to any room.

The artist

Lisa Albrecht was born in 1984 in Ukraine, near Kiev. In order to further develop her talent for drawing and her keen powers of observation, she began training at a school for classical art at the age of 9. After moving to Germany in 1996, she regularly took private lessons in an art studio. After successfully completing her vocational baccalaureate with a focus on design, she went on to study for a diploma in visual communication design. She ran a corporate design agency for 10 years.

After the birth of her daughter and the associated baby break, Lisa Albrecht missed the connection to classical art that she had lost over the years. Since she has had a great love for dogs since childhood, she concentrated on drawing dog portraits. Her artworks radiate a strong emotional intensity resulting from her deep attachment to dogs.

The artist Lisa Albrecht


How much does a dog portrait cost?

The portrait of a dog on the format 21 x 29,7 cm, executed with pencil and pastel, costs 250 Euro plus shipping costs. Special requests are discussed individually and recorded in writing in a cost estimate.


Do not hesitate to contact the artist by e-mail:


Drawing tool for dog portraits

Questions and answers

▶ How long does it take to make a dog portrait?

Drawing a dog portrait is a time-consuming process and usually takes two weeks. The shipping time depends on the country to which the drawing is to be delivered.

▶ Which photos of the dog are suitable as a model for the artist?

You can actively influence the quality of the drawing by providing good portrait photos of your dog. Factors such as perspective, sharpness, exposure, cropping and distortion play an important role. The following gallery shows positive and negative examples of photos of dogs as a template for a drawing.

It would be ideal to provide a selection of at least 3 photos from different perspectives so that the artist can choose one. Photos in profile and semi-profile are particularly suitable as a template for a drawing.

▶ How much are the shipping costs?

You can get the shipping costs for other countries on request. Surcharges may apply for delivery to islands.